After Wedding Shoot in the Dolomites

Jessica & Thomas went from Germany to Dolomites to get their Wedding Photos. They spend at least one week a year in South Tyrol to hike and climb. Thats why they fell in love with the landscape and wanted their wedding photos taken right there.

Planning an after Wedding Shoot in the Dolomites

Jessica found my pictures on Instagram and reached out to me. She and (at that time) fiancé are huge lovers of South Tyrol but didn‘t know how they could get their Wedding Photos taken. As this region is wonderful to explore it can be tricky to find a good spot for a Photo Shoot. That‘s where my expertise as a local comes in handy. Since I can think me and my family roamed the surrounding mountains. As I fell in love with photography some years ago I started to scout locations and to save them to my collection. So even if Jessica & Thomas wanted to take pictures in the Mountains in the end of April I wasn‘t short of ideas.

Leave no trace

I‘m a big fan uncrowded places to bring my couples to. That‘s why I don‘t share the locations I shoot at to avoid making it the new Instagram hotspot. Also I‘m very cautious while shooting for example during this shoot we step on a pasture what I usually wouldn‘t do. But as it was April and the ground still frozen it was ok.


Shooting during spring in the Dolomites

Spring is a wonderful season but can be still really harsh in the mountains. As of the high altitude snowfalls in August are possible winter disappears very slowly. So even in June pastures and smaller hills can be still covered by snow and ice. The location where I took the After Wedding pictures with Jessica and Thomas is one the spots where it is possible to shoot early in the season. I gave them a couple of options to choose from and they settled for one with pastures and Dolomite Peaks in the background.