Couple jumping in the air during sunset engagement shoot with Langkofel in the background


Engagement Session in the Dolomites

Daniella & Jonathan came all the way from Israel to the Dolomites to have their engagement photo shoot. These two where so much fun I think I never laughed that much during a photo session!


After traveling the world together for the last years, Daniella and Jonathan decided to move back to Israel and to get married in 2020. They told me that, although  they have seen a lot of the world, the Dolomites are among the most beautiful places they have ever been too. Thats why they chose these mountains to get their engagement photos. They looked for something out of the box, a session that truly reflects their personalities and relationship. So they ended up searching for an engagement photographer in the Dolomites and ended up on my Instagram page.

Wedding in Israel 

The session with Daniella & Jonathan was so much fun and we got along very well. That’s why they invited me to their wedding in Israel. It took me 5 seconds to check my calendar to happily accept this offer. They are going to  celebrate a big Jewish wedding in Tel Aviv. I can‘t wait to be a part of it and to capture some more great moments with them. I‘m super excited and curious about how a wedding in Israel will be different and can‘t wait to share some of the pictures with you.

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